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A blackout studio with black curtains is a specialized space designed for ultimate control of light and shadow. Measuring 5496 mm x 6392 mm x 4000 mm, the studio provides ample room for photographers, filmmakers, and other creative professionals to explore their vision in a controlled environment. With black curtains that can be drawn to create a "black infinity," this studio is the ideal location for capturing striking images and recording precise footage. Whether you're looking to create a moody and dramatic atmosphere or to eliminate all extraneous light, this blackout film studio is the perfect solution. Available for hire, it provides a unique and versatile space for all your creative endeavors.

Blackout Studio


Size: 5496 mm x 6392 mm x 4000 mm


The rig height: 3750 mm


Floor: Sportec 10mm Gym floor – Temporary flooring can be added on top of the gym floor for different client requirements.


Set Design: Black curtains on the rails will be placed on three sides of the studio to create black infinity.


We can paint the back walls in any colour for different client requirements.


Lighting: We have LED tube lights available to create another feel for your video aesthetics. 


studio size.png

Studio Size

5496 mm x 6392 mm x 4000 mm

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